For years only large organisations could reap the benefit of having a dedicated IT department as part of their team. This team of professionals are normally responsible for server and desktop support, security, backup strategy, network infrastructure design and maintenance, software implementation, telephonic solutions and more.

Small to medium size organisations in general do not have the capacity to employ such a team, and critical systems are often overlooked and not maintained as it should be. is a South African based IT support company that specialises in IT and security solutions for small to medium size organisations, and more specifically, organisations in the retail sector.

Our Services

Backup Strategy

A good backup strategy is crucial to any business. We implement and manage a solid workable backup solution for you, giving you peace of mind that every single aspect of your information is safe and secure.

Threat Protection

We implement reputable antivirus and malware solutions for your business. Your antivirus updates will be automated and monitored frequently to ensure you don't fall victim to attack.

Server Support

Server maintenance, support and administration can be daunting to the most experienced computer user. We can take the load of your shoulders. will have a qualified IT administrator available to you to assist with:
  • Active Directory support.
  • Backup strategy implementation and/or maintenance.
  • SQL server maintenance and administration.
  • Microsoft Exchange maintenance and administration.
  • Windows Server Maintenance and more.

Windows Desktop Support

Microsoft Windows problems can be endless. Anything from malicious software attacks to malfunctioning drivers can cripple your computer. have an expert ready to assist you in any of Microsoft's desktop operating system environments.

Wide Area Network Infrastructure

Many businesses struggle with a slow wide area network connection either between branches, or their direct internet connection. This is often due to an incorrect or outdated wide area network implementation for their needs. Speak to us today about your requirements, as we can provide you with the next generation of network interconnectivity that is best suited for your environment and your budget.

Local Area network Installation

We believe a local area network should blend into the environment. Whether installed in a public area or in a server room, it should be as unobtrusive as possible, and serve every need it was intended for. Trust us to make such a installation part of your environment.